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Basic teachings of Diamond Setting


During the past 55 years, I have gathered so many setting techniques that are so very basic to the setters in today’s world! From setting a 4-claw/prong Engagement ring to even Cluster-style mounts, using different burs of all shapes & sizes. My very simple question is “why aren’t these very basic setting techniques taught in the many jewellery schools!” One school I went to, in even in Ontario, Canada “will spend 3-4 months on how to build & set a Cabochon stone ring”? I asked the Head-Administrator about Gravers, she said right to my face…“What is a Graver?”…is this what the schools are teaching?
The ‘poor’ student comes out of these long-term learning & teaching establishments bereft of any knowledge on how to set a Princess stone, any attempt to do any Bead-Setting, not too mention Bright-Cutting. Should I even mention Graver-shaping on a Bench-Grinder? What one school owner said to one of my students…“You don’t need to use a Graver”…Good grief!
You now even have the setting-video’s Seth & I created last year, don’t just look at them, buy the series, they are only a sampling of what’s going on in our trade. I narrated each setting process, in fact, one jeweller in Australia set a 1-carat diamond using my video…you can too!!!
I feel it is my duty to try & fill that gap for everyone NOW, on our great “Orchid/Ganoksin”.
I was contemplating using DropBox, but I prefer the “personal-touch”, I like to write a little letter to each of YOU when time permitting! My Diamond Setting information is FREE, just for the asking!!..but I need your ‘exact’ email addresses, if not, how can I send you anything…:>)
Fondest regards to everyone!..Gerry!


Gerry Quite a few years ago now I got your then package on setting and some gravels both have been invaluable. (I had Canadians on holiday next door and they took the cash back to pay you.)

I teach one to one jewellery techniques and I get students with honours degrees who can’t saw, file or solder never mind set stones or use gravels.
it breaks my heart that my profession is being degraded like this.
Thank you for all you are doing to teach proper skills.
Regards Robin Key (in Scotland)


Dear Gerry
How utterly wonderful it is to open the daily email alerts to read a post like yours . I am going to stick my hand up for one of your wonderful videos.
I made a promise to myself that this year would be the year I learn how to set stones . I have a lot of Sapphires , Opals, Garnets and Quartzs that I have bought and also been given. I just have to learn how to set them. I have not succeeded yet but I keep going. .
I have set myself up with torch fired enamel as my "cool off " project . (Seem to spend bit more time torch fireing recently)
My email is :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry keyboard jumped. Email : Thank you :upside_down_face:


I would enjoy reading what you have wrote or collected.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Director Tool Sales & Stuller Bench
Stuller Inc.
P 1-800-877-7777 ext 4191 or 4194


THANK YOU so much for generously sharing your precious knowledge! My email address is:


Hi Gerry,

Thank you for the generous offer! My email address is :


Thank you for the generous offer. My email is:


Thank you for sharing your knowledge! My email is


Thank you, Gerry, for your generous offer. My email is I will screw up my courage and finally learn diamond setting. I know your lifetime of experience can teach me what I need to know. Blessings to you


Gerry: Once again, I would love the setting information as with the engraving. I will also be looking up your videos.

Thanks again,



what a wonderful observation and a generous offer from, I think, the love of jewelry making and the desire to tell others what you know and have learned over the years. Bravo!! thank you so much:


So kind of you to share! I would love to see your techniques!


Hi Gerry,
Would love the setting information as well. Email is


Gerry, please put my email on the list. I’m very thankful for your
information. I taught myself some setting techniques, but i still have a
lot to learn.
Lots of love from Brazil! Sorry about my bad english.
Yours truly,
José Sperancini.


Gerry, I also would appreciate receiving your engraving information.


I would also love to receive your information Gerry!


I would love you information! Thanks for sharing.
FYI, I took an amazing stone setting three day( as I recall) workshop with Blaine Lewis. He is a great teacher and yes! We use gravers!!


Hi Gerry,

First I would like to say thank you for sharing. My email adress is
Much appreciated