Basement Ventilation

the only space i have to work is a little corner of my basement. How
can I make it safe to solder? (Please speak slowly when you get to
the technical parts)

I know from my research on outfitting my small studio space that
Stuller sells a ‘Quatro’ Solder Pure ($1128.00 USD) & Ductless fume
hood ($826.00USD) you may want to research solutions such as these in
combination with a dust collector for a safer work space.

Taylor in Toronto

Elisa, At one home that I had, I got a bathroom exhaust fan, and ran
flexible dryer tubing or hose over to a Y or T joint that I created
with my dryer vent. I used that system for about 3 years and it
sucked the fumes up and away.

Hope this helps.