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Base Metal supplier


Anyone have any recommendations on where to go to buy copper in 1/4
inch thick sheets (6 x 6 inch) or various alloys of brass (also
small pieces - say 6x6)? I am experimenting with various mokume,
metal configurations.

Mitch Adams


It depends on how much you are looking for

For small quantities try McMaster Carr,

For larger quantities try Yarde Metals Copper and Brass do
come in 1/4 x 6 flat bar. The standard length is 12 foot. They will
cut pieces to size for you. There is a drop zone on their site that
sometimes has small pieces of brass and copper.

Check for metal yards in your area. Here in Massachusetts Admiral
Metals, has a outlet store with various drop
off pieces.

Howling Studios


ThomasNet copper suppliers

Farmers Copper



Online Metals.


Here are two suppliers for base metal and other items you might
need. 1/4" plate might be a little hard to find and cost a bundle.
but good luck

This one does have large dia. copper pipe they may have something

Been there done that, and broke it!


Hi Mitch. Try contacting sheet metal shops that do custom
fabrication. Sometimes they have scraps. I used to get scraps to use
in wax casting. Much nicer than finding old dirty pennies. I don’t
remember of they have 1/4" size but you could try.



people -

came into this thread on base metal source late - there’s a supplier’ (actually a model train supply business) that
has brass, copper, aluminum strips, angles (L-shaped), round,
rectangular and square tubing as well as solid rods. they have a
pound assortment of ‘odds & ends’ - of all of the above on sale now
for $15.50 + s&h.

micromark has a great hard copy catalog. after buying a lot of items
from micromark, i can recommend them - they have good quality items.

who owns no stock in micromark -