Barion cuts

Hello Mark,

You are in for one of your most satisfying gem cutting
experiences when you have your first barion cut gemstone! I love
what this cut does to light and medium coloured stones. There is
very little customer resistance to these beauties. I could e-mail
cutting diagrams and instructions off list if you want. Do you
subscribe to the Faceters Digest? Do you
ever visit the faceters chat room ?

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web site:

Vancouver, B.C. CANADA.

Mark, Tony, et al,

While the Facetor’s Digest is an excellent source of information
for facetor’s, I have to disagree with Tony about his reference
to the chat room. Currently, there is only one place
that is set up specifically for discussing faceting with seasoned
professionals and the issues that surround it. This place is the
Gemking Public Room, set up specifically for the Facetor’s
Digest. Every Friday night there is a well-written informative
presentation given, followed by a question and answer period.
This is not a circus act, but a professional meeting of members
of the faceting community to discuss the matters concerning the
art/science of faceting. It all happens at 6pm Pacific Time.
You can find it at:

There are a lot of other places you can get but
nothing like the Gemking Public Room.

Hope this clears things up,

Jeff Howden
Intrica Fine Jewelry