Hi everyone, Another question for you all. I have a friend who told me
that he can buy light blue topaz, citrine, amatysta and garnet at
U$10 the carat. As far as he knows this is a very good price. Is it?
Any would help.

Santiago de Chile


If you are talking about rough uncut material, price is out of sight.

If you are talking about cut stones, price sounds like high full
retail for some, and reasonable retail for others.

I am a custom cutter, and wish I could get $10.00/ct for Quartz.

Contact me off line for more info.

Bill Ehney

Is it a bargain? Is it junk? Is it well cut? What is the color
like? Without seeing the material there is no way of knowing if it is
a bargain. I have seen some of these stones that I wouldn’t pay $0.10
for no matter $10/ct.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
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Cambridge, MA 02140

Krystina, You have asked a loaded (difficult) question which raises
more questions before it can be answered. Questions such as: are you
talking about cut stones or rough? If cut, what are the designs? If
rough, is it good rough in terms of potential yield, is it included or
clear, blocky or blades, clear or milky, etc. Is the topaz natural or
radiated? Is the citrine natural or treated? Is the amethyst natural
or synthetic? If natural what is its origin and what is the quality?
What kind of garnet? Rhodolite? Malaya, Tsavorite? Pyrope. Whats
color and clarity?

You need to be cautious about any “good deal”, especially regarding
gem stones as “one does not normally get something for nothing”… Try
to find a trusted local person knowledgeable about gem stones and seek
their opinion in such matters. Check the internet for additional
…there are hundreds of sites selling gems and you can get
some price/quality from them. I could go on and on…
just be cautious.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio where simple elegance IS
fine jewelry!

Dear Krystina, Ten dollars per carat for the colored stones that you
mentioned is way too much, although certain grades and sizes might
fetch that much. You should be able to buy any of the stones
mentioned for two or three dollars per carat in the right venue. A
lot has to do with the color intensity, size and cut.If, however, you
are talking about commercial grades and cuts, none of the these
stones commands a high price. Since you are fairly close to Brazil I
would seriously consider your going to Governador Valadares or
Teofilo Otoni in Minas Geraes. You wouldn’t have to buy more than a
few thousand dollars worth of stones in order to justify the expense
and, if you could pool resources with other jewelers in your area you
could do very well. If you want to get a better deal yet on a much
broader exposure of stones you should consider going to New York City
, Los Angeles or the annual gem shows in Tucson ,Arizona in February.
You can often get better deals on almost any gem at these venues than
you might in their countries of origin. Have you ever thought of
becoming a gem dealer in Santiago ? Sounds to me as if there might be
an opportunity there. You should tap into some of the dollars that
you have been getting for your beautiful fruit exports to our country
in the off season…Ron Mills, Mills Gem Co. LOs Osos, CA.

Hi Krystina,

Its Way too much … I don’t think its a bargain.

I sell garnet , Amythest , Citrine melee for USS 0.99 per ct , I am
talking of Brilliant Cut Eye Clean Stones in 50 ctw packs. Ruby ,
White Sapphire , Blue Sapphire at US $ 9.90 per ct , Again Well cut
melee stones. Large Sizes (over 10ct ) of Well Cut Ore Verde Citrine
at US $ 1.40 per ct

I am NOT kidding , I have a lot of Orchid buyers, See

Ahmed Shareek P.S. Did I tell you All these Stones Come with a money
back guarantee , So if you don’t like them return them.

Stone pricing again. You must have some idea about the value of
gemstones to determine if you got a good deal or not. In quartz my
custom cut stones start at $10 and go as high as $75 per carat. They
are cut out of many different grades of color, clarity, and rarity of
quartz. Cut, color, and size in quartz normally determines the
value. Custom jewelry manufacturers buy my stones. They know what
they are getting and are unwilling to put a felt wheel polished
faceted stone in a custom mounting. $1.25 per carat quartz is a
preform for faceting. They are not well cut and they do not command
the value.

Gerry Galarneau