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Barebones Studio

I used a drill for making holes and an old $30 bench-grinder
motor for polishing, with a spindle on each side for buffs. I’ve
given up the drill since I got a Foredom, but still use the other
at least once a week. The Little Torch w/oxy/propane was fine
until I started making big rings & bracelets. I’d recommend
getting a refillable oxygen cylinder and regulator. You’ll spend
that $$ on disposable oxy bottles so quickly anyway and they’ll
work with your next torch. For cheap pickle-pot:
coffee/beverage warmer for $5, and a small pyrex container with a

You can make an exhaust system by mounting a squirrel-cage fan
(look around for a place that salvages old machinery- shouldn’t
cost more than $10) so that it vents outside. Attach a can
around the intake with liquid nails or epoxy and then attach
flexible metal dryer-vent hose to the can with hose clamps from
the automotive store. Then attach that to something hood-like.
I made a hood from three big pieces of thin copper, suspended it
from chain, and stuck the hose thru a hole in the back. Took a
day… I eventually made a big glassed-in, metal-floored box
with a tall lip on the front side. It fits right under the hood
so ALL the fumes go up. Soldering by the window with a fan on
really isn’t sufficient…Dana

Dana, how noisy is this kind of setup? I normally listen to
"books on tape" while working and have to turn off the Boombox
when buffing.