Bar Code Systems

I have looked through the archives and can’t find anything new regarding the use of bar codes. I work with a store that applies their own barcode to my tags after I drop off jewelry. Unfortunately, the staffing problems that they are currently experiencing may cause a 2 week delay in my new pieces getting into the case. I am looking for an inexpensive way for me to deliver my jewelry with their barcodes already applied allowing my new pieces to get into the case sooner. I am not looking to buy an off the shelf barcode system. I can create my own barcodes using simple spreadsheet tools, but getting them printed on my already designed tags is a chore. I would appreciate any suggestions of free or inexpensive solutions. I already have a thermal printer, filemaker Pro, the google suite of software, airtable and can get access to Excel. Thanks…Rob

Are your labels already printed or do you print them individually for each piece?
If the latter you could likely use Scribus, a FOSS page-layout program. It can generate and print 18 different types of barcodes. You’d only need to import your label template, then you could print labels as needed.
You would need to make sure that you use the same barcode format as the store uses.

Elliot…Thanks for the tip. I have tried to find out what the label format is, but they don’t know. My guess is that they just bought an out of the box solution…Rob

The manufacturer of their barcode system may have the info on its website. Or it might be possible to determine by comparing with the different styles of barcode that Scribus can generate.
A quick search found this online barcode generator. You can download the barcode as a png file.

Elliot…Thanks, I have been looking at the various free Chrome friendly open source pieces of software.They are hard to find. I use chromebooks. I can generate barcodes in either sheets or excel. I just need a database that will allow me to print them on my label printer. Hopefully someone at the store can answer my questions. I may have to go there and search for a software box or manual so that I can research how they configure their barcodes. Stay tuned…Rob