Bar code system advice

Hi All,

I’m wanting to implement a bar code system for our wholsale
manufacturing business. We sell at wholesale shows, Tucson, on our
web site, and through our reps. I hoping the system we choose will
intergrate sales order writing, invoicing, as well as inventory

I’m looking for any recommendations on systems being used by Orchid
jewelers. We could have used a system here at Tucson, as hand
writing receipts took serious time away from selling.

Thanks in advance!!


I opened my retail store last year and made a BIG mistake with the
system I chose…and am now in the process of switching to The
Edge…I don’t see any reason it couldn’t be set up for
wholesale…it is expensive, but I cannot believe how powerful a
program it is! The best retail type programs I have seen (at David
Gellar’s recomendation, I might add) are at and

Weigh your options carefully, try to get demos of all the programs
you are thinking about, and spend the money to get the best program
for you…it is a heck of a lot easier to do this once!

Jim Turner
Turner Jewelers
Balmy (-10 with windchill!) Blawnox PA