Bangle sizes

i was just wondering if there is a table available like you can get
that gives the lenght of silver needed for various ring sizes , for


I have seen three bracelet gauges

  1. Bracelet gauge in metric sizes. Is just a strip of metal with the
    length on it that you lets you measure the circumfrence.

  2. same as above in inches

  3. Bergeon gauge (much better) works on slides. It’s actually
    capable of measuring Oval sizes.

Kenneth Singh

Nikky, Look up bangle sizer in the Rio Grande tools catalog. They’ve
got a plastic strip thing that you fit on a wrist for size and then
it looks like you could lay it out flat and get the length of the
wire you’d need. You could probably improvise such a thing, but I
don’t think it was expensive if you had other things to order to
absorb the shipping costs. Annette

Hi Nikky, I always use the one in Oppi Untract’s Jewelry Concepts
and Technology
, which isn’t an inexpensive book. The length of a
ring shank will vary slightly with the gauge of the metal, so you do
need a good table, and ideally a digital caliper, if you’re going to
be accurate.

I was going to say that just about any reputable jewelry book will
have such a table, but just checking The Complete Metalsmith, I
realize it doesn’t contain one… and its one of my favorites!

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Bangles are usually rigid and round and it is not only the wrist
that has to be measured. The Wrist and the Hand do not have a
constant ratio. Each of your client will have minor differences.

  1. The metal strip gauge makes it possible to enlarge and reduce the
    size with the help of a clip. Then let your client try it on for a
    fit & make a quick notation of the size.

  2. If you are making a chain type bracelet that has a clasp then all
    you can use a string or a plastic tie. I have friends who have a
    decent size chain with a hook and you can let the client try this on
    and then just use a Ruler to get the measurement.

  3. If you are making a rigid bracelet with a clasp then you need a
    caliper to get the oval measurement.

Remember that the measurement you have is the internal size.

Kenneth Singh

Hello Nikki, Bangle sizing has the same little difficulties as ring
sizing. You have to factor in the metal’s thickness, hands are
different dimensions, etc. I finally spent some time and made up a
set of bangles to use for sizing. Now I have people try on bangles
to find the one that fits. I used a 3mm wide half round wire and cut
strips off beginning with 6.5" length. Each following strip was .25
inches longer (6.75", 7.0", 7.25", etc.). The longest strip was 9.0
inches. I scribed the metal strip length on the inside of the strip,
soldered the ends, rounded and shaped the bangles. Strung them
together on a keychain, and voila, bangle sizers. When someone finds
the size that fits, and I take the order, I already know the length
of metal to cut. If the bangle material chosen is thicker or wider
than my sizer, I cut the length a little longer or plan to stretch
the bangle when shaping. Oh yes, to double check the size, I put
the selected bangle over my bracelet mandrel, mark the circumference
on the mandrel with a magic marker, and I’ve got a size mark. Hope
this helps. Thanks Hanuman for your continuing efforts in Orchid
moderating. You should know, Orchid is a breath of fresh air for so
many. Judy in Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
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Kansas State University
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(785) 532-2936

While reading the responses I was wondering if a set of bracelet
sizing rings like they have for finger rings is available? If not,
it might be an idea for one of you tool supply people. One for
round, one oval, and another set for hinged.

Just a thought…Marta

I bought a bangle sizer on ebay, a keychain type with small child to
plus-size rings for about $15. I can give the seller name to anyone,
if interested.

    I bought a bangle sizer on ebay, a keychain type with small
child to plus-size rings for about $15. I can give the seller name
to anyone, if interested. 

Check out and select jewelry tools. then keep
choosing “next” to go to next page until you come to the Bangle
Sizer. It is Code #995, Bangle Sizer, Set of 24 pieces, sizes 4-28
and sells for $8.59.

I have not ordered from this company - have no idea - just found it
in the process of looking for some other things. You may want to
check it out further, but found it interesting.


Hi, I just received a commission for a bangle for a very large
person. I was going to make some rings to size it, but it would be so
much better to buy them. I’d love to have the seller’s name. Thanks,