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Bangkok Manufacturing

HI, everyone. I am a fine jewelry designer starting a new company.

Last year, I found a small jewelry factory/contractor in Bangkok
that could handle high-quality jewelry, would produce samples for me
and also handle production if I later obtained orders from buyers.
The owner of the factory seemed genuine and reliable, and I spent a
few months in Bangkok getting my samples started. Although I knew
he was slow, his factory’s workmanship was OK. I finished and
received about 30% of my line when I left Bangkok, with the
remainder of the sample designs to be finished by his factory and
shipped to me in the US, asap.

Fast forward one year – the factory owner has turned out to be a
complete nightmaRe: copying my designs for his silver business
without even completing my samples, with constant excuses for delays
and non-shipment, etc.

I am now returning to Bangkok to finish my sample work, looking for
reliable contractors or skilled workers. It’s tough to get good
makers to work with and commit to me because I’m starting up and do
not yet have production orders. (But I must first make samples to
win orders!) Does anyone have advice for me? Does anyone have any
contacts with whom I can work? Should I start my own little "temp"
factory? Labor is very cheap, but after a few years of the start-up
phase, I am looking for a way to make progress.

Your advice will be very much appreciated.

N. Granz