Bangkok gem fair september 2014


Has anyone been to the BKK gem fair? I am planning to go in
September and I’d appreciate any tips or helpful suggestions before
or during the show.

Also, if there are any Orchidians who will be in the area, I would
love to meet up! Looking forward to your replies! :slight_smile:


Hi Dara, I have been to the Bangkok gem fair many times. It’s pretty
spectacular for sure. Transportation to and from the show can be
time consuming and expensive as the venue is quite far from the
hotel districts. There are free shuttles from some of the major
hotels around Silom and Sukhmvit but they tend to fill up quickly.
We usually stay in the backpackers district of Banglampu and take a
taxi to the show, so while we pay for the taxi we save a lot on
hotel cost. Sometimes we take the free shuttle back to Silom and
then hop on a river ferry back to Banglampu As for the show itself
it’s pretty big so it’s best to plan on spending the first 2 days
looking around and asking prices, then doing your actual buying on
the 3rd and 4th days. Of course if you see a really great deal on
the first or second day you should probably snap it up or it may not
be there when you come back. On the second evening there is a free
gourmet buffet with many types of food from all over the world. It
gets pretty hectic around the sushi area. It always gives me a
little chuckle watching people go from civilized to savage over a
free sushi buffet. If you have any more questions I will do my best
to answer. Best… :slight_smile: