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I am crafting and modifying a statuette of a soft-metal design. I
figure if it was good enough for a present for my Parents wedding, 78
years ago then it still is worthwile project to improve on it. So what
am I doing with it? I’m going to capture it’s glory in 22 kt
red-gold. I will be placing over 1.5 carats of diamonds wherever

On the tiara, necklace, stream of diamonds on the forehead and her
waistband. The actual weight could be in excess of 903.64 grams of
gold. so what will the selling price be? I estimate that it could be

I go back to the past topic of “Perceived Value” again. The client
wants quality with purest quality of gold, than they will get it…at
a price though! There are many places to advertise this “Piece of
Art”, and this is no where a piece of fine jewellery. The name "Art"
elevates this to a higher level of workmanship. I estimate this item
could take a month to produce. Never go cheap, if you have to produce
an item of great value, do so. Don’t hesitate in capturing the fine
quality of the higher grade of gold. Find reasons to add coloured
diamonds. It will give you the reason to charge more…!!!..