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Bags that keep silver tarnish free

Hi there,

It is some time since I heard tell of these bags, if anyone can tell
me of a source I would really appreciate it.

I have built up a stock pile of jewellery for the up and coming
launch of my website.

Unfortunately on inspection, all pieces are tarnished. It is not easy
to clean them, because the silver is in finding form, I work with
detailed bead work.

The result is vintage, “very beautiful” but I hate the way the
silver tarnishes.

It suits some pieces, and not others. I would love to have these bags
to pass on to my customers too. Help !!!

Best wishes
Dublin, Ireland

I currently wrap my work in anti-tarnish paper from Rio and put it
in a regular Ziploc. Obviously this requires careful labeling
because you cannot see the product through the paper. I have just
ordered some of the anti-tarnish bags - they are in the newest
Stuller Tools Catalog Volume 43 page 46. I guess the only issue is
minor scratching from the Ziploc bag (as with any plastic bag) if the
piece is not protected.


message combined

I neglected to add in my last post that in addition to storing my
pieces wrapped in anti-tarnish paper in Ziploc bags I also insert an
anti-tarnish tab (from Rio). And yes I have no affiliation with Rio.
(-: Cheers.

The Table Ware industry uses an Anti Tarnish Broad Cloth. Some of
the upscale Dining Room furniture makers also use this as a lining
for their Draws.

This would work out far cheaper than looking in the Jewelry Industry
unless we send the cloth to China.

There is a Paper Strip that you can cut into pieces & place in your
package that will prevent tarnish. It is a product from 3M. We do
carry this in our store.

Kenneth Singh

Dear Kenneth:

Do you mean I can cut small strips of the anti-tarnish cloth
(Northwest Fabrics) to put in my baggies to retard oxidation?
Presently I’m using small strips of aluminin foil. Which do you
feel has better function?

Audie Beller of Audie’s Images

Hi all,

I too had the similar problem with tarnishing findings from one
season to another. I use the anti-tarnish cloth or pacific cloth too.
I found it at a local fabric store. I wrap or add cloth into the
containers. It has done the trick!! Happy Thanksgiving day to all!!

Enjoy your families!!

Go to to buy anti-tarnish cloth in
yardage sizes. I use this in jewelry boxes or anything holding
silver. The cost is very reasonable and the company is good.

Pacific Mint


I would try the 3M Anti-Tarnish strp first. I have seen it being
used for the purpose you describe.

Kenneth Singh

I use these cloth bags which I get from Rio. They are purple with a
little drawstring. Very nice.

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