'Bad Stone Cutter (dealer) Stories'

All, I would like to start a thread to compliment the “Bad jeweler
Stories” about My story to start out is about turquoise:

Back in the 70’s a premium was put on black spiderweb turquoise.
Not much was ever found naturally. Most spider web contained a
brown matrix. Many people tried different processes to dye the
matrix. Shoe dyed was widely used, but fairly easily detected by
rubbing the piece with alcohol. Aniline rock dyes were tried, but
they were so absorbent that the turquoise often was dyed along with
the matrix. Along the line of trial and error “India Ink” was used.
It was perfect. Place the turquoise in India ink for a couple of
minutes, take it out and allow it to dry, buff the cab on a cotton
buff and you had a perfect black matrix turquoise. Once completely
dry even an alcohol wipe would not show any residue of treatment.
Soaking the piece in a strong solvent was the only way to remove the

Gerry Galarneau