Bad Jewelers Stories and Quality

Hi Folks, Back when I was establishing my business, I made sure that
I would be able to handle ANY job that was sent to me. Most techs
finish their apprenticeship, four years, and shortly thereafter,
strike out on their own. The most successful, however, spend the
time and the effort perfecting their craft and learning to do really
first rate work before they attempt that move. The marketing
strategy that I used was to create a niche that only I could fill.
That niche was care, skill, judgment, attention to detail, and use
of only the finest of materials. I once remember seeing a sign on
the wall of a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store. It was a quote from
John Ruskin that went something like this – If you want first rate
oats, you can expect to pay a premium for them but if you want the
ones that have already been through the horse, you can get them at a
reduced price.