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Bad experience with

I don’t know if this is allowable but I wanted to warn anyone on the
list of a person that contacted me through the email and is not what
I call a professional dealer. I sent a check the this company upon
ordering certain faceted gemstones and after three weeks when I heard
nothing form them I emailed them about my purchase just to have them
say they never received the check… asked them to check on it. To
make a long story short and much threat from me they finally
acknowledged receiving the check and saying the items I ordered were
no longer available. When the bank sent my check back I saw that they
had cashed it the very first week I had sent it. To give them some
credit they did re-emburse my money and also sent what was supposed
to be citrine gems to try and make amends… they are soooooo light
in color they are almost clear… I myself will not do business
with them ever again and wanted to warn others about them if you hear
from them. is the company name. Thank you,
Karen in El Cajon, Ca