Bacteria that can produce pure gold

Researchers Discover Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold

The gold you see in the photo above was not found in a river or a
mine. It was produced by a bacteria that, according to researchers
at Michigan State University, can survive in extreme toxic
environments and create 24-karat gold nuggets. Pure gold…

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Hello all,

Gold producing (adsorbing) bacteria is not new at all!!! In matter of
fact, it all started in a laboratory. Mr Williams described this fact
already in 1918. Korobushkina &Korobushkin repeated this in 1986. The
involvement of microbes in the accumulation of gold in economic
deposits, however, was first documented by Hallbauer&Van Warmelo in

The bacteria known as Pedomicrobium sp. var. australensis has been
found in several places as the White sands Africa, Wellington New
Sealand and many other places. The bacteria involved in Alaskan placer
deposits, represent a pseudoform of Pedomicrobium like bacterium.

An open goldmine which I visited in Australia known as the Prophet
mine keeps this bacteria in condition by feeding them with ionized
goldparticles. The very small particals of gold collect after a
number of years into thin layers due to the short living cycle of
these bacteria. The owner John Parson and his wife knew this fact
and turned it into there profit and are stil running this mine In
Kilkivan (Queensland)

Have fun and enjoy

Researchers Discover Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold 

Well, not really. The process extracts gold from gold chloride, and
there are easier ways to do that. However, the knowledge gained by
the experimenters may be priceless.

Al Balmer
Pine City, NY

There are various bacteris that live in anaerobic environments that
eat sludge and excrete metals metal oxides or even pyrite. There are
also plants such as lichens that do the same. These can be used to
identify ore deposits.

Nick Royall


The bacteria does not produce gold. It separates the gold from the
chlorine. That’s not production, it’s refining. They already had the
gold to begin with in the gold chloride.

Jerry in Kodiak

There is a mushroom, Lepiota Procera or drumstick mushroom, that can
concentrate silver. As it is an excellent, edible mushroom everyone
prefers to eat it rather than to refine for silver.