Backing rainbow pyrite

Hi everyone,

I have some Rainbow Pyrite rough that I am going to cut. I need to
back it with something. Since it will be bezel set, I can use almost
anything. I thought about slicing some ‘rocks’ - basalt, granite,
obsidian or ? and gluing that slice to the back of the pyrite.

This will be not unlike an opal doublet.

What kind of glue would be best?

Any thoughts about this would be wonderful.

Happy first day of spring!

What kind of glue would be best? 

I use JB Weld when I’m backing stones like turquoise. You can buy it
in most auto parts stores.

Traditionally turquoise cutters back their cabs with Devcon steel
epoxy to “get the weight back” the stone lost during cutting. I like
the JB Weld because it’s strong and doesn’t add that much weight.
When buying turquoise cabs be sure to look at how thick the backing
is. When you’re paying by the weight you don’t want to end up paying
for a bunch of Devcon.

Rick Copeland

I use JB Weld when I'm backing stones like turquoise. You can buy
it in most auto parts stores. 

Another good source is the hardware store. Most oft hem have JB Weld
in several size containers also.


Any two part clear epoxy will work just great. Lite coat on each
piece and SLIDE them together.

Thanks for the tip, Rick. Sounds like a really good epoxy to have

I never considered backing the pyrite with metal - copper might do
just fine - easier than sawing off a piece of basalt, eh?

in Snohomish

Thanks everyone for the answers to the glue/epoxy question.
Interesting idea to “slide the pieces together”, I can understand
why that would give a better bond - no trapped air bubbles.

I finally got up the courage to slice a piece of the rainbow pyrite
and was amazed at how well it sliced. I was afraid it would crumble,
but it is quite solid.

Sandra… in Rainy Snohomish