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Back To The Present


Greetings Fellow Orchidians,

After quite some time I am finally current on me Orchid emails. Last
fall (2004) I got busy and before I knew it I was six months behind.
I didn’t want to just skip all of those emails and miss out on some
good and viewpoints on the various topics discussed here
so I was determined to read them all. Well, it took me until now to
do it and I did miss a few when I changed ISP’s, but I finally
caught up and am back to the present. At times it was a bit
frustrating reading a thread that I wanted to chime in on, but
realizing it took place several months ago I had to let them go. The
plus side of that is that you folks didn’t have to hear my two
cents. The bad news is now you may!

Best Wishes To All,