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Back to Basics

Last week Anne Hollerbach taught a terrific workshop called “Flex
Shaft Revealed”.

She completely de-mystified many of those weird and strange flex shaft
attachments that I only see in catalogs, but never know what half of
them do. It is certainly nothing that I ever was taught in college
and yet, I use my flex shaft every single day. These back to basics
type of workshops are a series of which I hope to keep bringing to the
metalsmithing public. And for me, it was the first workshop that I
have been able to attend since opening Metalwerx.

Anne is a font of knowledge. She explains everything throughly and
makes it easy to take good notes. Not only is Anne a good friend,
she is a teacher’s teacher in every respect of the word. If you find
Anne giving a workshop in your area, take it. I feel lucky that she
is teaching for us, but she teaches elsewhere too. – Karen
Christians M E T A L W E R X 10 Walnut St. Woburn, MA 01801 781/937-3532 @metalart

Current Artwork:

Anne Hollerbach is extremely knowledgeable individual – almost a
living encyclopedia. One can always learn something just by talking
to her. Anne will be teaching an Advanced hydraulic press forming
workshop at my studio on July 8 - 9. Call me at 718-852 8640 if you
wish to join. Valentin Yotkov

Karen, You are so correct about the basic workshop for best
utilization of tools. I would love to attend one here on the West
Coast. Just how far away does Ann teach?

I think it is to finesse the use of a tool we may be basically
familiar with. There is a great need for a book that is a compilation
of input from many, as to how far this specific tool can go. Flex
shaft is a good one to start with, others should follow. Thanks, Teresa

I would really appreciate it if people who want to let us all know
about workshop opportunities and the like would mention in their
postings where in the world they are.I can’t follow up on all of the
ones that might interest me, just to find they are 800 or 2000 miles
away. This would really add to convenience!
Thanks a lot! --Noel