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Back set bezels advice


Can anyone give me some advice concerning fabrication of back set
bezels? I have a few designs that would work much better if set from
behind, but I have no clue how to fabricate them. From the photos
that I’ve seen, it appears that they are made with some kind of side
tab that is pushed in to secure the stone in place? How thin should
the walls be, and can they be cast? Any advice would be greatly


I’m assuming you mean a faceted stone? If so below are a few photos
of how I was taught to set a faceted stone from behind and the "tabs"
as you can see are on the long ends of the bezel. Before the "tabs"
were bent over there was another bezel (frame) to fit behind the
stone (for security), then the “tabs” were bent over. I would think
you could cast your design, then make the frame, insert behind the
stone, then bend your “tabs”.