Back injury

Hello: I recently injured my lower back and now sitting for long
periods of time is a problems. What kind of chair do you suggest I
can use when I am at the bench to relieve the pressure on my lower
back? Any suggestions?

Also, I have a studio in NYC. I am looking to either rent bench
space or display space. If you have any questions about that email me
off list:

Thanks guys!

DeDe - I have permanent back problems, and find that either a seat
with NO back (so I am not tempted to sit wrong), or one with
excellent lumbar support, help tremendously. You will also need to
play with the height of the seat in relation to the height of the
work surface, as the angle of your arms will pull your back, and the
angle of your legs will pull your back. I also find that I
absolutely must get up and walk around often, and I do stretching
exercises to keep my back from “freezing up”.

There is a product called Biofreeze available at many pharmacies,
that you rub on - it works wonders to alleviate the muscle cramping
that comes with back injuries! If your back is bad enough, see if
your doctor will prescribe a tens machine for you. I have a
portable one that I can wear all the time if I need it. It puts
tiny electric shocks into the muscles and helps both relax them and
remove pain.

Back injuries are very tricky - do follow your doctor’s directions,
and request physical therapy - it works wonders, and for whatever
reason some doctors are reluctant to prescribe it. I have found
that using a sports medicine doctor gets me the best results for any
musculo-skeletal injuries in the family!

Good luck!
Beth in SC

DeDe, I highly recommend the Aeron Chair, by Herman Miller. I have
been using one for about six years. It has adjustments for: height,
tilt, arms (in & out, up & down), and, most importantly, lumbar
support. I retrofitted mine with a newer, more adjustable, lumbar
support. The seating surface is a mesh, so it breathes. This is a
very comfortable, well designed, quality chair. Joel Schwalb


DeDe ~ sorry to hear that you injured your back. You could consider
having a seating evaluation by an Occupational Therapist either in a
clinic setting, or if you’re really lucky, in the studio. The OT
would be able to make recommendations which would enable to you work
safely and comfortably. You could contact your local hospital and
ask to speak with outpatient rehabilitation or try a home care
agency for a studio visit. Hope this helps, Sonje

Moonlight Creations
Yarmouth, Maine

Find a chair that has a high back with lumbar support. One with
adjustable arms will work wonders. Suggest getting something for
foot support so that you feet are elevated to some degree. If
necessary, you can find one of those lumbar support pillows that you
can attach to the chair or move to any other area that you sit.

DeDe, I just got a balance ball chair, the large ball some do
aerobics with.But it sits in a chair! Great for the back by making you
sit correctly. I use it to set stones. It sits rather low, but comes
in handy for keeping my back straight and prevents slouching. Here is
their website: and
only cost $70 us.

Thomas Blair