Back from SNAG

Hi Yall. Excellent conference, great talks and a whole batch of new
friends from Artmetal!

Many of us met for dinner at Daddyo’s after the gallery tour.
Fourteen in all. It was great. I hope you can come to the conference
next year in Richmond, VA.

Karen Christians
10 Walnut St.
Woburn, MA 01801

Current Artwork:

Just wanted to thank Karen for providing the Orchid stickers at the
SNAG conference. I talked to several folks about the mailing list so
perhaps we will see some new names showing up soon. Deb Karash

To all the Orchid members, it was a real treat connecting the names
with the faces. I had a wonderful time meeting you and felt a little
dumb not to have had my camera at the ready.

I hope to see you all in Richmond, VA next February. I’ll come loaded
with stickers!


Hi Folks, After I don’t know how many years as a SNAG member, I
finally made it to the conference. I thought it was terrific, and I
especially wanted to say thanks to many of you who helped me feel welcomed
and part of the group. MP

Karen, thanks again for bringing together all the Orchid and ArtMetal
folks! It was truly wonderful to see people with whom we have only
communicated via Internet. Dinner was fun! Valentin

My first SNAG conference was excellent! Thank you Karen Christians
for Orchid stickers and kindness and all her hard work! The whole
experience was wonderful and helped give me some perspective on the
craft industry. Nice to know there are others who understand and want
to help you be successful. -Carrie Nunes @tnunes


As a student and teacher of students…I was impressed with your
friendliness and willingness to share. I was humbled to meet so many
talented metalsmiths, and now I have faces, that match up with the
names, of all those pieces I have admired in the literature. I have
compiled my collection of pins to share with colleagues that were
unable to attend, and already I am wondering how to work in SNAG for
next year. Thank you.

PS…Through all of the great conversations woven by the Orchid
members…I have been motivated to learn more. My attendance at SNAG
was in part an outcome of your generousity: your ideas and solutions
for the little bumps I have encountered as I learn. Thank you all!

Barbara A. Hopkins
NH Science Instrumentation Program
c/o Oyster River Cooperative School District
55 Coe Drive
Durham, NH 03824
FAX 603-868-2049
Phone 207-384-5183