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Back button


Am I missing something or has the back button disappeared?


Hi @rmeixner, Where exactly were you seeing it that you no longer see it? I.e. on which screen?


I don’t really remember other than that I could easily go back to the list of topics after reading entries in a specific topic. Now I have to scroll to the top of whatever topic I am reading where there is a small left facing back arrow that takes me back to the Ganoksin home page, but not back to the list of topics. My entire pages often looks as if it has been high lighted. Please note that I use a chromebook. Thanks…Rob


Following is a screen shot of what I see.


The software we use (Discourse) gets upgraded from time to time and sometimes features change when that happens. I see in the Discourse release notes that there has been some discussion of the Back Button being buggy in certain situations. So they might have yanked it, I’m not sure, but I just contacted them to ask.

Have tried using your browser’s back button, or is that problematic? Worth trying that in the mean time.

I’ll report back when I have an answer about this.


I can go back, it just takes me too far back and I have to start the search process over. Not a big deal, just a change that I thought to point out. Having been an academic IT manager for years, I know that these things happen. Back to making jewelry. Thanks…Rob


Ah ha, I totally hear you. Sometimes you need a “software” back button that understands the right place to take you rather than the browser back button. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this and hopefully we can get it back soon.


As I was going through my morning look at mail, news and Orchid, I realized that Orchid wasn’t opening in a tab but as a window. When I changed the setting to open in a tab, I got my back button back. Thanks…Rob


Interesting! Glad to know it’s working for you again!