Baby Shoes

G’day; that MUST indeed be true! In this country (New
Zealand) there are at least two gentlemen who carve/sculpt female
genitalia from NZ Jade. One man calls his creations, “Vulva
Flowers”. They would be around 2 - 3 inches diameter. The
craftsmanship is superb and so far as I could determine,
faultless and the accuracy, polish and finish as perfect as
anything could be. Mind you the design wasn’t his (!!!) But
they sold well, and for very large sums indeed, because at
least, of their extremely fine workmanship. But I for one
really cannot imagine anyone whom I know wandering about
displaying such a thing of beauty. Perhaps I don’t know the
’right’ sort of people? I noticed that in the exhibition where
these pieces of erotic art were displayed, they bore tags giving
the name of the lender - invariably women. I do a bit of jade
carving at odd times when the spirit moves me, but not that
kind, thank you. As they say; “to each his own” I must be
well beyond my use-by date. Cheers

Strange you should mention, John.

I have in the past several months seen a couple of designers
offering pieces patterned after the Peerless Portal. One piece
was actually pictured in Lapidary Journal a few months back (it’s
inspiration was not identified in the accompanying text, but some
things require no explanation.) I saw others being marketed at a
local fine arts fair as “Venus pendants.”

Is this a trend? What does one say to compliment the wearer?

Lee Einer

John/Lee I was staying out of this discussion, but here I am.
Some years ago while in Thailand shopping with a boyfriend, we
came across a beautifully carved blue Jade penis about 1 1/4
inch. He bought it for me as a memento. I have yet to mount it or
have it out in public. I have seen several sites with highlighted
penis jewelry. I have not yet seen its mate, but I am certain it
won’t be long.

Fertility amulets have long been worn, and a lecturer once spoke
of the original adornment of conch shells to be symbolic of the

Oh well we Victorian Anglos are well known to be uptight about
these things. Time for a change? Teresa