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B to B websites

Hi all!

I’m currently working on an article on business to business Websites
for AJM Magazine. I was wondering if anyone out there in Orchidland
has a favorite supplier Web site? I’m looking for sites that you
return to again and again, and that do their job so well you want to
sing the praises of the supplier that built it. I’d also appreciate
any insights you have about what makes a good B to B site, and I’d
love to hear any pet peeves, especially functions or lack of
functions that makes you avoid certain sites.

I appreciate any input you guys can give me. If you want to drop me
a line directly, I’m at @Suzanne_Wade1, or phone (508) 339-7366.

Thank you in advance, and I I look forward to hearing from you all!

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255

Hi good luck on your article.

Pet peave: When the Stuller website takes longer than 3 seconds to
email you a forgotten password. (Sometimes it could take hours.)