Average length of an anklet?

Hi All- Could any of you tell me the average length of an anklet? I
am big boned, and don’t really know where an anklet is suppose to
fall, so I am not comfortable with my own judgement. Thank you!!!

Hi Cherie, I believe that commercially anklets are 9 inches long but
I have had to make some up to 10 1/2 inches for women with a more
ample leg definition. As to where it sits, On the inside of your
ankle you will find a bump which is part of the larger leg bone
called the tibia. This part of the tibia is called the malleolus, and
I make the anklet the required length to hang just below the center
line of this .

Hope this helps,
Neil KilBane


I have made anklets as small as 8" and as large as 11-1/2" with the
majority of anklets being 9" or 10". What works for most people is 1
inch longer than the circumference of the smallest point of the

Mary Latterman