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[Available] Jun-Air 12-50 compressor


I recently purchased a Jun-Air 6 compressor for my gravermach. I
found a used one that a former employee of Jun-Air had personally.
(Jun-Air’s are those quiet little beige compressors.) It turns out
that he has another one: this one’s a 12-50. Used, and probably needs
a filter and an oil change. 110V, 120 PSI, 2.4 CFM, 13.5 gal tank.
Weight, 126 pounds, noise level: 48 db. New they’re in the $2000 USD
range. He’s asking $500, and is in Chicago. The unit is big/heavy
enough to require truck freight. If you’re in the Chicago area, or
within driving range, it might be a really good deal.

If you’re interested, email me directly and I’ll put you in touch.

Brian Meek

Standard disclaimer: no financial interest, just passing along a

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