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Automatic pickle pot

I have my crock pot sitting on the corner of my work bench with a
piece of lexan under it. When I get in the cleaning mood I take the
plastic to the sink and rinse off the splatters of acid. My work
bench is clean and undamaged.

I have an inline switch in the cord so I can turn off the pickle pot
if not needed. The pickle pot and the 4 ft. florescent light above
the work bench are plugged into an electrical out let on the front of
the bench. This out let in controlled by a light switch mounted just
above it. When I sit down at my bench I turn on the light and every
thing else at the same time (pickle pot, flex shaft, fan, magnifying
lamp, drill press).

With this setup I never leave power to any equipment when I leave the
room. I am really bad at turning the gas off on my acetylene and
oxygen tanks.

Maybe this kind of setup would work for you. It is easy to wire up
yourself no electrician required. John Daly