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Author should appear near title


Anywhere and everywhere that an article, video, etc. title appears, the author’s name should appear right next to the title–especially on any sort of search. I feel very strongly about this. Don’t want to have to click on each link and then scroll to the bottom just to see who the author is e.g., when searching topics. Extremely inefficient…:-(…especially since there are so few results per page due to the layout. It takes forever to get to a desired article.


Are you referring to Orchid, or on Ganoksin?


“Anywhere and everywhere… a title appears”. Learning Center, Community, searches, Orchid, archives, everywhere. When I get a long list of results for any kind of ‘search’, I always chose what to click on on the basis of the author. Now I have to click on each and every link separately and scroll and scroll and scroll to the bottom of each and every page just to see who wrote the post/article/video, etc. This has stopped me from using the site’s resources.


I can sympathize with the perspective of @janetb. An advanced search function would be very welcome. I recently tried something different searching google and including keyword ganoksin which produced some interesting results since I could limit by variables like date.

One NIT that does bug me is the joined date does not reflect my join or post March 2005. I know I was a lurker most of the time but did visit frequently.

Having communicated potential improvements it should not detract from the GREAT job y’all have accomplished and are doing.

IMHO – in another thread – the issue of invite is being pursued when it appears that a worthwhile effort would be to engage the inactive membership. Perhaps a thread to stimulate ideas on increasing activity. BTW I just finished viewing every post on the bench exchange, learning a lot and commenting on several. Another option might be to take suggestions on surveys and do one a week. An example might be INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENT; Owner, Bench Employee, Other Employee, Hobbiest, Other. And, doing my PhD in sociology and very familiar with statistics I’ll volunteer to work wit staff to accomplish.

My guess (not empirical) many of the regulars would be interested in the demographics of our membership. And could each probably generate a topic for a survey that they would be interested. In particular advertisers would benefit once in a while.
Respectfully Submitted Regards RLW


Hi @janetb and @rwade1. Yep, good point regarding author names towards the top of the article. You’ll be happy to know that this summer we’re having a designer do a major polishing of the main Ganoksin site and he’s already taken care of this (the new design isn’t up yet).

@rwade1, here are some responses to you other good points:

  1. Join date - I agree it’s a good idea to show the actual date when people first joined because it can help you understand how much experience someone has based on how many years they’ve been participating. I’ll add this to our to do list.

  2. Invite feature - Great idea. Already on our list from the other thread.

  3. Survey - Great idea. Would be very helpful to know this for many reasons. We may indeed enlist your help with this, @rwade1.

  1. No necessary connection between how much metal experience someone has and how many years they’ve been with Orchid…:-)…

  2. Ganoksin - In Thai “Ganok” means pure gold, “Sin” means art, and together they can be thought of as meaning ‘The Art of Gold’. I wish the logo reflected this instead of having a big fat diamond and little else.… The forum has definitely shifted from a goldsmithing forum to a stone and setters forum…:-(…


Yep, you are right about the experience & Orchid membership length. I just mean to say that it’s nice to have a little more context about a person when you are in an online community and getting to know who’s who. So, e.g., seeing that a member has been a part of Ganoksin for 15 years, just gives you some helpful background information. That’s my experience anyway! :slight_smile:


[quote=“janetb, post:7, topic:54318, full:true”]

  1. No necessary connection between how much metal experience someone has and how many years they’ve been with Orchid [/quote]

TRUE, I never gave that any thought since from my beginning (2005) I’ve received help without restriction. I can honestly classify myself as an individual NOW capable of helping others in the domain of; casting, mold making, organic experimentation, and making my grandkids giggle with some new silver trinket. I kind of look at orchidians the same way that TIGER viewers himself “The wonderful thing about tiggers Is tiggers are wonderful things!”

I guess I don’t understand the point. Again since 2005 I’ve found the group sincerely devoted to smithing and rock’ing’. Although I did look up the definition in the past I have not researched the original founding purpose/intent. However we seem to have a few old timers some even have good memories while others … IMHO every group morphs in ways under the theory of unintended consequences over time. I cast a vote for the way management listens and responds. Unworthy as I am, I feel my voice is heard and respected and I want to continue to be part of the solution. Hats off to @seth-ganoksin-admin and @leah-ganoksin-admin for your hard work

Respectfully Submitted RLW