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[Australia] wholesalers and galleries


Hi, everyone: This is a fabulous forum. I am making an unexpected trip to
Sidney in November and would like to know who you might recommend as
reliable wholesalers for opal and pearls. Also, info on jewelry galleries
would be so welcome. I am a studio jeweler in Houston and the owner of a
jewelry gallery. Thank you so much. Fleury Sommers


Hello Fleury

A good friend of mine is living in Oz three quarters of the year and
selling opals and pearls here in Denmark for the rest of the year. Two
years ago wwhen visiting Australia I found out that I can buy my opals
(and I am an opal addict) cheaper from him that from any other source.=

His name and address is:

Visti Skaanvad
P. O. Box 75
Woody Point, Qld, 4019 (near Brisbane)
phone +61 073 899 3555
fax +61 73 889 3607

I am sure Visti would be able to help you, and enjoy your trip to down
under; it is a fabulous place and a bunch of nice people.

Kind regards
Niels L=F8vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark
phone (+45) 46 78 89 94


Hi Fleury, I’m here in New Zealand across the ditch from Australia but as
you haven’t been inundated with replies from our Sydney friends, I thought
I’d pipe up for them. I am also popping across soon to teach at the Sydney
College of Art as part of an event
arranged with Object jewellery workshops in Pyrmont. Object is part of the
Centre for Contemporary Craft (CFCC) in
downtown Sydney, and you MUST go to Object Gallery:

Centre for Contemporary Craft
Customs House
Third Floor & Ground Floor, 
31 Alfred Street,
Circular Quay 
Sydney  2000
tel: + 61 (02) 9247 9126 
fax: + 61 (02) 9247 2641 
email: <>

Object Jewelery Studios
6 - 8 Scott Street
Sydney NSW
ph 00 61 2 9552 4431
Att: Grainne Brunsdon

There are other interesting galleries, like Quadrluvium (sp?) but hey
maybe some of you Australians could furnish the details?


B r i a n A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND Wed4Aug99


Dear Fleury, Brian Adams’ recommendations are top class. You may like to
add to your itinerary, if you have time, a visit to the Design Centre, 110
Edgeware Road, Enmore, ph 9394 5752, specifically to see the jewellery
section where both trade and fine arts-oriented skills are taught under
the one roof. I would be pleased to give you a guided tour of our wonderful
facility. It is a vital and vibrant section demonstrating a wide range of
skills-learning. There are always students’ works on display, many of
which reflect high degrees of practical application.

There are many gem suppliers in Sydney alone - too many to list here - but
if you would like to contact me while you are in Sydney, I could give you
names specific to your requirements. Kind regards, Rex Merten


I am looking to expand my clientele in the far East. Does anyone have
suggestions for fine jewelry stores and galleries that can sell
contemporary 18 kt and platinum jewelry in New Zealand or Austrailia. My
collection of designs is quite unique in its use of colored diamonds.

Etienne Perret


Dear Brian, Sorry I have not written.We have been extremely busy at work
and tearing our house apart and fixing it for your next visit.Fenced in the
property for horses and reroofed the house also put up new siding.My Barn
studio is next.Sold the camper you slept in and have replaced it with
another so you still have a place to bunk at Coyote Ridge.Have been
spending alot of time eating Tapas at the Mediteranian Cafe where we
dined.Hope all is well on your side of the rock, things on this side are
well. Best

J Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio