[Australia] [Source] Prip's Flux & Argentium Sterling

I have some chain designs ready to go in silver however, as the
designs requires one link to be added in at a time I am worried that
the number of solders over all will leave the pieces riddled with
fire scale.

I have always been interested in Prip’s flux but never tried it as I
couldn’t find a ready-made version at the jewellers’ supply stores
in my area. I have seen instructions on how to make it and it looks a
bit messy… I could see me having trouble with it. The only
jewellers’ supply stores I know of are in Brisbane - Australian
Jeweller’s Supply, Seivers, House of Jewellery and Peppertown Gem
World. Does anyone know of any other stores in Brisbane that might
carry it or one elsewhere in Australia that would be able to ship it?
(I’m assuming it would ship as a dangerous good?) I worked in 2
jewellery manufacturing workshops in the past and don’t recall ever
seeing anyone using prip’s flux… maybe it simply isn’t available

I’m also interested in Argentium silver - is there anyone who could
give me a supplier that carries Argentium in Australia? Also, how
does the cost compare to standard sterling silver?

Thanks for your help

R.R. Jackson

Hi R.R,

there are no suppliers of Argentium in Australia - you’ll have to
order it from America.

APECS INVESTMENT CASTINGS P/L (17 Harker Street, Burwood, Victoria,
Australia 3125 03 9808 5233 www.apecs.com.au )

have a similar product called Bright Silver. Unfortunately the sheet
size is restricted to 95mm wide. I’m not sure of the price difference
(sorry). I think Anna Margot stock Prips flux. They’re an enamelling
business in Brisbane - I don’t have the address but they are in the
phone book. I admit to making my own but then I normally work in a
lab anyway.

General disclaimers apply.

Hey J.J.,

Prip’s flux is really easy to put together, and what you make up
will last for ages… at least mine has. However, if you go with
Argentium and fuse the links, you won’t need the Prip’s. I hope you
can find an Aussie supplier.

Judy in Kansas

G’day RR Jackson,

House of Jewelry lists ‘Griffith Prip’s flux’ in their 2003 catalog.
I used Prip’s long ago and found it quick and easy to clean, but I
experienced porosity at high temps when using it with hard solders.

Apecs Investment Castings Pty Ltd supplies 'Apecs Bright Silver’
which resists fire scale and can be cast and worked as sterling
silver. I have worked on their castings and their 'bright silver’
really is bright and free of fire scale.

Regards, Alastair