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[Australia Source] Emery paper

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can tell me where to buy 5/0 emery
paper in Australia, or the equivalent. I need it to polish the back
of gravers so it needs to be super fine, so if anyone can help I’d
appreciate it


If you have #4/0 polishing paper, do what I always do & it works like
a charm! Get a graphite pencil…(not a pen) and do a rubbing of that
graphite INTO the #4/0 paper…& voila! It’s now #5/0…When it’s
finished, you can almost see your face in the Onglette steel! What
you’re doing is to rub/push the graphite into the pores of the #4/0
paper. why buy something that may not be available?

Gerry Lewy


I am not familiar with the 4/0 or 5/0 designations for emery paper.
I’m more familiar with 220, 400, 600, etc. descriptions for
coarse-to-fine grits.

Just out of curiosity, I checked out some charts on the Internet
and, although the 4/0 sounded on this forum like a fairly fine paper
(more familiar with sawblade sizes), the chart indicated that 4/0 is
fairly coarse.

Here’s the URL for the chart:

So, is the 4/0 as fine a ‘grit’ as I was assuming, or, as the chart
indicates, very coarse?

Linda K-M

4/0 on the chart (near the bottom) is equivalent to 1200, which is a
fine, finishing grit.

This # paper ratings are for “Polishing Papers”…not Emery paper!
Two different names & purposes. As Polishing paper is probably about
the 800 grit+. The numbers mean the little corundum particles are
much more closer bound together on the surface of the paper while
being manufactured. I suppose the names #4/0 or even #2/0 polishing
rating is a thing of the past, but I can still buy them locally with
great ease.

Linda Your link is very close to what you need to know. look on the
left side of the page and click on Grit Sizes for Emery and you will see 4/0 is
equivalent to 1200 grit

You talk about emery paper. that is very vague. As emery is the old
name for aluminium oxide as mined naturally.

Al ox is now made synthetically. Moving on to the grit sizes 200 400
600 are internationally recognised grit sizes and are used by car
body shops as wet and dry for cutting body filler and paint.
available up to 1000 if you need it. This is silicon carbide grit a
waterproof coated paper. good stuff.

However polishing hardened steel? Theres a much easier way. It was
some 65 yrs ago I was a student in Myerhofen Zillertal Austria and
visited a wood carver.

He polished his chisels using a wooden wheel running at around 200
rpm in his lathe with an ordinary polishing compound you have have to
use wood as felt isnt hard enough.

got it?

Regarding a source for fine sandpaper, I got some up to 1000 grits
from our local auto supply store. Also ordered some of the 3M sheets
from Rio, don’t remember what they call them, but they are almost
like fabric, come colored coded, and come in very fine grits. I do
like the ones from the auto supply store better in the finer grits.

Noralie Katsu

Greetings to All

English Emery paper had gradings and 5/0 is called Crocus paper.

The major brand was “Okey” (English) The story goes which I believe
to be correct that Mr. Okey, taught Mr 3M how to make Emery paper.
The English manufacturer was giving production away due to water
pollution problems.

3M paper is imported from the US by Aus. Jewellery wholesalers as
they cannot purchase sufficient quantity to meet the demands of 3M
over here.

Diamond setters use a pink 3M film micron paper for finest finish.
Smith & Smith in York St. Sydney stock these papers and sell in
single sheets. Christina Jewellers in Enmore stock 3M “micron” glue
backed film in many grades. These are stuck to a perspex strip(s)
and the steel worked down throughout the various grades. Good
learning curve, a sheet goes a long way.

Good luck John

All the setters and engravers I’ve worked with here in NY polish the
backs of their bright-cut gravers on a ruby stone. It’s a one-time

A black surgical Arkansas stone would work too.

Elliot Nesterman

Australian Jewellery supplies stock Nikken and Matador papers down
to 3000 grit. 3m 2000 grit is a very good paper I tend to use it I
buy mine in NZ as this is where I live. Not sure if they supply this
just ask them they are very helpful. You could look on 3m Australia
website for suppliers. Chris Hackett