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[Australia] looking for job

To all Orchid Members(especially in Australia or New Zealand) Dear
fellow Orchidians,

I have written only once or twice to the Orchid pages before. The
reason I am writing now is that I am seeking Employment or some kind
of partnership either in the Jewellery trade or in some other business
either in Australia or New Zealand.

At the present I am running my own Jewellery Shop in Durban, South
Africa. We are involved in manufacturing and retail. I have been
involved in the manufacturing and retail sides of the Jewellery
business for about thirty years, so I have very wide experience,
especially working with gold. My wife , Nellie, has been working with
me in the business for the last eighteen years, so she also has much
experience, especially in the retail side of the business. Both of us
also have a basic knowledge of Gemmology. My wife’s entire family,
including her parents, her two married brothers and her married sister
are all living in Australia. One of the main reasons for us seeking to
move to Australia is that she would like to be near her parents.

My wife, Nellie, will be coming to Sydney on the 18th June 2000, and
she is hoping to attend the JMGQ Jewellers conference in Brisbane
around the 30 June. Does she have to register or can she attend as a
visitor. We would greatly appreciate any help that any of you may be
able to offer. Please e- mail me at @goldshop if you need
more Ronnie Pillay

ps. Thank You, Dr. Aspler, for the Orchid pages