Australia fires - everyone ok?

Just hoping that our Australian members are all ok with the horrible

Beth Wicker

Just hoping that our Australian members are all ok with the
horrible fires... 

Thank you Beth for your thoughts. It is very tragic what is
happening down here. I am from Victoria where the fires have struck
the hardest. Everyone I speak to has been affected in one way or
another. I went to a friends house yesterday to help them prepare for
the worst. Hoarse floats are renting for a premium as those who arent
able to place there horses into an area that isnt under immediate
threat are keeping them on hand incase of an emrgency. Many human
lives have been lost, we also spare a thought for hundreds of
animals that have suffered the same fate. We also thank the thousands
of volunteers that are putting there own safety on the line for those
at threat.

We pray for cool weather, no wind and lots of rain. None of which are

Regards Christos.

Thank you Beth.I am from Melbourne in Victoria and is almost
impossible to comprehend the devastation. 181 people have been
confirmed dead, 1800 homes have been destroyed and over 7000 people
are now homeless. Many beautiful towns have been wiped off the map
and the smell of smoke hangs thick in the air. Yet through it all,
amazing acts of compassion and heroism somehow provide a balance to
the tragedy. And to know that global compassion such as yours is



To you and yours, and all the Australian folks, I am so sorry. I
know the devastation, and the aftereffects, breathing clearly may
take months. Be kind to yourselves. My heart is with all of you.


To all facing the devastation in Australia: our prayers are with



Should anyone there need anyt hing all you have to do is ask. Keep
safe and yes we are all watching and worried. Aussie fires havebeen
legendary for their destruction since I can remember recorded
histories. very frightening


Hi Marianne, thanks for your kind thoughts. Down under we are faced
with this problem every summer, but thank goodness mostly no where
near as bad as this terrible lot of fires in Victoria.

I live a good day and a half travel from there.

All Aussies are rallying around and I think every man woman and
child has donated to appeals by the Red Cross and charitable

I know we held quite a few raffles and fund raising activities over
this past weekend and we are only a very small town.

We all have our local Bush Fire Brigades in each town and they are
all manned by volunteers so they are always the first to jump into
their cars and head on to where ever homes and property are in

We now have water and chemical dropping aircraft and they saved a
lot of lives and property, I can’t image how much worse it could have
been without them.

The worst thing on the days was the fierce winds that drove the
fires,there was just no stopping it. It was frightening to watch on
TV I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be in the victims

Thanks for your kind thoughts and everyone’s support, shows what a
small world we live in and what good people there are in it to show
such support for our huge brown land down under.

Love all the folks on Orchid
Christine in the Ridge