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[Australia] Acetylene / air torches

Have been trying to locate Australian suppliers of either the
"Prestolite" or Smiths “Silversmith” torches, or for that matter any
other type of acetylene/air torches. Have searched the Australian
web and made local enquiries in Queensland without success. If any
Australian Orchidians can give me a lead on this I would be most

Regards Eric @efgriff (from sunny Noosa where we are
inundated with Sydney siders escaping Olympic fever)

Acetylene/air torches are not so common with Down Under jewellers. I
don’t know why, it just is. Here in New Zealand it’s more common to
use propane/air or oxy-assisted torches with either propane or
acetylene. But acetylene/air? Not co common. When I teach in the
States I have a little trouble initially getting used to acetylene/air
when that’s all that is offered me at the venue. Otherwise I just take
what’s around!


Australian Jewellers Supplies
2nd floor, Pavilion Building,
Cnr Albert Street and Burnett Lane,
Ph (07)3229 4955 Fax (07) 3221 3567
If you don’t have any luck try:-
House of Jewellery
Level 1, 89 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph (02) 9299 6663 Fax (02) 9290 1618

I know they do the “Prest-o-lite”

Chris Hackett

Hi Eric

have you tried Australian Jewellers Supplies in Brisbane: phone 3229 4955 ? I haven’t checked recently, but
they should have a range of suitable torches and appropriately sized
tips. BOC handles the gas and has agents throughout Qld, they also
handle torches, but specialise in jewellers’ needs. The main office
phone number is 3212 4111

in Brisbane

How practical is it to order from a catalog or web site in the United
States?? Is there a huge import ‘duty’ or VAT? For smaller packages,
the United States has 'Global Priority" mail pieces (looks like a big
flat cardboard ‘mailer’) that will ship anything you can get in it for
a flat rate. To UK (Great Britain), the large one is only $9.00USD
and the 1/2 size flat is $4.00USD, both regardless of weight. If you
can get it in the “Flat” it goes for the one rate.

Obviously it would not apply to ‘gas’ or hazardous material, but
tools, files, books and such would be fine.



This will let you check rates and fee’s on both sites.

Good Luck,
Lee (Lady Lee)