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Aussie gold platers needed/fire soot removal

Dear Aussies,

Your help is needed again! Metro electroplaters in Sydney have just
advised me that they have had a major fire, which is very sad for
everyone. I need help in finding a reliable trustworthy prompt gold
plater, until Metro is back.

Fortunately my work did not go up in smoke, and I hope to be able to
remove the soot etc. Any help on soot removal is also welcome!
Christmas is coming.

Felicity in west Oz

Felicity, While my experience in soot removal is (fortunately)
limited, I have found that a good ultrasonic cleaning proved
successful. I would recommend that you use a cleaning chemical made
for use in the ultrasonic.


Felicity There is a good gold pating company in Bribane called HGP
Finishing Services The address is Unit 1/21 Collingwood Street Albion
Qld 4010 Phone number 07 3262 8818 Fax 07 3262 8187 I hope this is of
use to you Regards William N Russell