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Martin, What is Aurapurax, and where could you obtain it. Thanks,

Hello harold,

Auropurifax is gold cleaning powder, It absorbs the wrong alloys and
removes dirt. First you have to remove the steel particles with a
magnet then if you are not shore you have everything boil your gold in
sulphuric acid. You melt your gold sjit with (depending on the amount
of dirt) the Auropurifax , stir good And you get a wonderful ductile
alloy back which does crack during rolling. You can even clean teeth
gold with is very for it durability and get a ductile alloy back. In
the Netherlands it is available at “Bijou Moderne” in Bleiswijk tel
+31 10 5296600 Fax +31 10 5290088 Mail The Dutch
price is Fl 19.20 incl tax. for 45 gram

It is also available in Germany
at Karl Fischer GmbH
tel: +46 7231 31 0 31
Fax: +46 7231 31 0 300
And :
German price is DM 12.00 excluding tax (I think 17%) for 40 gram
and DM 219 for 1 Kg.

Martin N