Auf Wiedersehen

Hi Folks,

I’m having health problems again and will probably be going in the
hospital this Sunday morning. I’ll miss you folks, ,but I’ll be
back when I get out. Anyone wishing to ask anything, feel free to
E-mail me. I’ll get back to you when I get out. May all your
castings be flawless and your solder joints perfect.

Warmest Regards,


                              Skip Meister
                            NRA Endowment and

Hello Skip- Sorry to hear of your medical problems, and we wish you
the best and a speedy recovery. Get well and get back to us soon,
Skip. You’ll be sorely missed! Best Regards- Ricky Low

Hope all your ills will be cured quicky! You’ll be missed!

G’day Skip; sorry to hear of your health problems. You can
be sure that you will be in all our thoughts on Sunday and after,
for you will be sorely missed here. We want to have you back
among us for your knowledge and expertise is valuable to us and is
deeply respected. All the very best to you, and may whatever
ails you be properly fixed. Cheers,

 / /

/ /
/ /___| \ @John_Burgess2
(______ )
At sunny Nelson NZ where it is exactly equivalent to your Northern November.
Except we are in a drought situation! The summer won’t leave us.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I will miss your good advice
and friendly demeanor.

Bob B