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Auction of Classic AirGraver to support the Engrave-In

First–Thank you again Seth for the ok to post this!

To support Scott Pilkington’s annual Engrave-In a Classic AirGraver is being auctioned off again this year.

The Classic AirGraver handpiece includes a presharpened Carbalt graver, three high speed steel graver blanks, a leather handpiece pouch, extra screws, wrench and owner’s manual. Requires 60psi regulated compressed air from an air compressor. The set includes the dual regulator, foot control setup, and hose to attach to a compressor as well as the handpiece tubing. Retail value of everything is $1244

Complete info about the various AirGravers is here:

PLEASE place your bids at the engraving forum here:

Auction will end at 2 PM Central time on Monday June 5th of the Engrave-In

Auction bidding started yesterday at $350. Current high bid is $1500 as of this morning.

Jimmy Butts was the high bidder at $1500. ($250 over retail). Thank you Jimmy! Jimmy Butts is a jeweler in Rouge Louisiana.
Here is some of his work.


Jimmy does beautiful work!

I’d like to add that my Lindsay AirGraver is beautifully made as well.

VERY Creative