Attn Tim [Yak]

Dear Tim:

I was the person you responded to in regards to Tony and FIT.
First off, don’t be so hard on yourself. Everybody inserts their
foot in their mouth once in awhile- I greatly respect the fact
that you are taking responsiblity for what you said. I don’t
really remember you saying anything extremely terrible. I was the
one who expressed my displeasure with Tony because I was a former
student of his. I think he is extremely narrow minded as a
teacher. He can’t seperate excellent precise tecnhique from
creativity and believe me both extremes can exist seperately in
one person. He seemed like an okay person- I just didn’t like his
teaching style. I feel really sorry that the criticism upset
him. I don’t think anyone attacked him on a personal level. I
work in graphics fulltime and I have clients who pick apart my
work from time to time. Its hard but you can not take it
personally if people don’t like your style of working, teaching,

I hope everything works out…