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Hello everyone,

During some recent posts on the subject of removing a pearl from a
setting, the product ‘Attack’ was mentioned. Please would someone
tell me what this is and where it can be purchased (specialist
jewellery suppliers or hardware stores ?). Does anyone else have
any other tips for removing difficult pearls from settings or
glued in silk/thread in drill-holes (pearls from the end of
necklaces where the silk or thread is glued to seal the knot). The
usual methods used, as far as I am aware, are re-drilling the
pearl to remove the silk/thread and gently heating the mounted
pearl to loosen the adhesive and then carefully twist the pearl to
remove it. Doesn’t always work that easily though and wondered if
’attack’ was of great help. It is also handy to note that 'attack’
does not damage the pearl, so therefore it cannot be acidic.
Comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

(Bahrain - Hot and getting hotter!)

Don’t know where it’s available in your part of the world, but in
the US it’s available from most any jeweler’s supply. One of the
ingredients is methylene chloride. Basically, it’s an epoxy
solvent. There’s a caveat wi th it that says, ‘Do not use on Mabe


Hi all:

I also had a problem with removing a 22Kt. wire from a 1/2 drill
pearl. I thought (!) I knew what to do. I dropped it in 'attack’
and when I took it out an hour later the pearl was all chalky
looking and wouldn’t clear up - ruined.

Help - what did I do wrong? Obviously, something.


Rio Grande carrys Attack. They also have a line of other
debonders, and are very willing to listen to what you’re trying to
do and recommend the best solution to your problems. phone (800)
545-6566, web site:

Was it a real pearl? Could it have been coated with something
prior to you rec. it to work on?

Attack is methylene chloride, and that also is what liquid paint
stripper is. Available at hardware stores and much cheaper than
Attack. You pay quite a bit more for the same stuff if you buy
Attack. I wish I could think of a money making scheme like that.

Mark P.

'Attack' was mentioned. Please would someone tell me what this is
and where it can be purchased (specialist jewellery suppliers or
hardware stores ?). 

NICK, Attack is methaline chloride, it can be purchased at any
chemical company. Another source would be "Formby’s Paint Remover"
Wood Formulia, It can be found at most hardware stores, or stores
like Home Depot, Builders Square, Lowes and many others. Hope this
helps. P.S. I use it for desolving epoxy! Charles in Austin

Theres a great product called ‘Goo Gone’ at any hardware store,
that will disolve most superglues and some other adhesives. Its a
citrus based cleaner that smells way better than Naptha (Lighter
Fluid) and is much safer to use. Its also a great wax remover for
ski’s and snowboards-for those of us with lifes ‘off the bench’.
Just be sure you totally remove all residue of it before you try to
reglue to the same surface, (or rewax your sticks!) t.lee