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Attack? replies

Thank you to everyone that has replied to this question so far.

Linda - Sorry to hear about your pearl! Was it natural, cultured,
n/n cultured or imitation?

Dave - Good logical and sensible post about the Mabe pearl

The posts concerning the paint stripper sound safer for the
following reason:

I thought I would just quote most of an e-mail that a kind lady
sent me on the subject, as I feel her comments would be of
interest and concern to those of you that use ‘Attack’ from time
to time. She noted that …

Since health and safety are major concerns to everybody I thought
that e-mail would be of interest. Thanks again for the e-mail

I think that the methylene part is the danger here, as I have also
heard that methylene iodide (di-iodomethane) is a possible cancer

regards - Nick
State of Bahrain