Attack Adhesive Remover with montana sapphires?

I just finished setting a delicate ring with Montana sapphires and used Jett Sett basic to hold it in my ring clamp. Stones are 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm, with tiny pilot holes for each. When trying to remove the Jett Sett I noticed that tiny pieces got stuck behind the smallest stones and I’m losing my mind trying to get it out. My tiniest needles can’t get into the galleries, and I can’t see anything when I try sticking those same needles into the pilot holes.

The Rio Grande video on Jett Sett recommends using Attack Adhesive Remover (Attack Adhesive Remover - RioGrande), and on many sites it says it’s even safe on pearls except for Mabes. (Too good to be true?)

Does anyone have experience using Attack? Would it harm the sapphires? Thanks in advance for any perspectives!

I’ve read that too with Attack dissolving Jett Set Basic. I’ve never tried it for that though. Yes, what you’re describing is a very frustrating issue!

Attack used to be my go-to method of removing pearls from settings before repair. There’s a lot of safety warnings on Attack these days. Personally, I stay away from it, but if it was the only way to solve a problem, I’d use it in a well ventilated location.

Attack is a mixture of strong solvents. I can’t see how Attack can harm sapphires.

Here’s the Rio Grande Attack SDS sheet. You may want to read it before purchasing.

Good luck!!


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Thanks so much for your response, Jeff. It gives me hope that you’ve successfully used it on pearls, which feel like the most finicky/likely to absorb solvents. Many thanks for the link to the SDS sheets, also. I also got the sapphires from Rio, I think I’ll give them a quick call and see if they have any ideas, too.


curious…regarding the jett sett basic that is stuck…when you are attempting to remove it…was it cold/ hard or warm/ sticky…?


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I kept a pot of boiling water on the stove and would dip the whole ring to soften it up when I needed to. It would start completely malleable and translucent, and if I gave it twenty seconds it would start to stiffen up to the point where I could pull on a strand and it would pull more of it away from inside the setting. My problem now is that I can’t get into those spots so the Jett Sett hardens before I have a chance to get any of it.

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