Attachment flipping, help

Hello everyone! I’d love some help with a seemingly simple problem. I have this pendant, and a moving attachment hanging below

The issue is, anytime the pendant gets tossed around a bit, the attachment gets stuck flipped around, and I can’t figure out how to prevent this.

I recognize the loops are wonky (they were cast) so I will likely resolder perfect jump rings just to see, but this has happened to me in the past with earrings that had perfect links.

I also tried making both links smaller to see if it would help, and it did not.

There has to be another solution aside from adding an additional loop? What do you think.



a few thoughts…

you mentioned that you made the two link loops smaller…have you tried making the middle link smaller?

perhaps eliminate the middle link…?…and just turn one of the object links 90 degrees…?


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I’ve had this problem with earrings and have made the smallest loop slightly larger. Having smooth loops helps as well. Good luck!

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There is a sharp square edge on the main piece that the attachment can hang up on. Fix that and you should be good to go…Rob

Instead of using two jump rings, you could hang the attachment from a small three loop hinge.
It could not flip


I’m not sure if this image will upload. It is just a sample I quickly lifted off the net.
I’d make the small hinge, then drill and add a tiny rivet. There is no way for the attachment to flip.

This design modification can be done in wax, or added later.