Attaching magnets

I am manufacturing a pendant for pearls which acts as a clasp as
well. I would like to have a ‘tube into tube’ type magnetic clasp.
What is causing some consternation is how to get the magnets into the
metal, I had thought to perhaps set the one magnet into the inner
tube as if it was a stone (?) but do not have any ideas for the outer
tube as the magnet will need to stay at the bottom of a 10mm tube
Glue is not an option. Any ideas? Is soldering an option?



There are earlier threads here in Orchid on the soldering of magnets.
We successfully solder gold plated magnets, while respecting that
magnets will be disabled permanently if overheated.

You could consider mechanical retention of the magnet down in the
tube, by a circlip or wire clip, inserted in an internal groove just
above the magnet.

And, given suitably designed jewelry, there are low-melt-temp bismuth
metal alloys that are designed to shrink on solidification. You can
grip magnets that way, without worrying about the
solubility/life/reactivity of glues. If you use a low-melt-temp
alloy, be wary of many that include lead and cadmium in the mix.

Probably easiest of all, there are small ring magnets 5mm OD x 2mm ID
x 2mm thick which you can find on auction sites. These could be
located over a central plug that you gently swage over to retain the
ring magnet.

Mark B
Fourth Axis

Soldering is not an option-the heat destroys the magnet. Why is glue
(chemical bonding) not an option?

There are some really fantastic glues out there…, but if for some
reason glues were out…

Alinco type magnets will operate normally up to 975F. That does not
mean a low temp solder will bond well to them, but they could
probably be primed by plateing with copper if that was an issue.
there is a rare earth magnet that can handle nearly 600F. Again if
something like “Tix” solder would flow on it there you go. Simple
enough to just try for curiousity sake…

Another solution to the soldering issue. Solder in something the
magnet will stick too like iron or a magnetic alloy, then the magnet
will stick to that on its own…