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Attaching findings to a cord


Which is the best (most secure and professional) way to attach
findings to a 3mm cord? Glue? Crimp tubes?

Chains are a no brainer but I’m challenged when it comes to finishing
cords “neatly”.


I came up with a cord end that looks quite tidy, it was for a round
silky cord 3mm, I wound a spiral on a piece of rod poking out of the
end of a hand drill held in a vice so that I could control the wire
with one hand as I wound. The rod was filed down to a stubby point
like a long bullet and poked out about 10mm. I used 0.8mm silver wire
and started with the end poked into the gap in the three section
drill jaws and wound down until I reached the point, leave about a
9mm tail, be careful when you get to the very end, you can break the
wire if you go too tight. The tail is bent into a loop for the catch
to go onto.

The end of the cord is dipped into a spot of supergue and left to
harden ( do a lot at once and leave them hanging off the edge of a
bench), this then gives you a hard disc that you can screw into your
tapered cone of wire (can you have an untapered cone?). When you can
go no further squeeze the last half loop tight around the cord. If
you adjust the size of your conical mandrel it looks very neat.

Im sure there are other ways, I just didn’t like the straight
cylindrical ends.

regards Tim Blades.