Attach the ends of round bead strands

Was: Unwillingness to help…

I could use some help if you could reply on or off list I would
like to know how you attach the ends of those beautiful round
strands of beads

Goo, hope you read this. Thanks for your empathy!! I wrote you this
long explanation from your question of how I attach beads to the
clasp. Can’t believe it myself, bit I hit the Delete button instead
of Send and it was gone forever (eek!) Anyway, here goes: I prefer to
use 4lb- or 6lb-test FireLine braided thread–it is extremely fine
and I have almost gone blind threading the darn needle (LOL)! After
my beadweaving is complete, I attach a new thread a few beads back,
run through beads toward the end (knotting along the way). I run the
tread through the loop at the end of a clasp set, run down through a
few beads in my piece, back through the loop and repeat. Tie off by
running back down through a few beads, knotting, running back up
through a few more in the opposite direction and knotting again, run
through a few more and cut. At times I will use a wire guard if I am
concerned about chafing. We can get into that later if you
want.Thanks for enjoying my creations. I LOVE what I do. All the
best, Amy