Asscher Cut Tanzanite Pendant

I had a change to create this wonderful 10ct Flawless Asscher Cut Tanzanite gemstone for a client and it turned out to be a beauty. Wanted to share them with you all. Do let me know what you think.


Very nice indeed.

That looks amazing and an absolutely beautiful piece.

looks good enough to eat!!!

Amazing…far beyond my level. What’s the metal, just out of interest?

18k gold

That Asscher cut tanzanite is fabulous, the diamonds really compliment the stone. You have to be over the moon proud of that one. Super job !

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It’s absolutely exquisite! :heart::heart::heart:

Just gorgeous!

Truly a stunning combination.

Show the undergallery too. NIce job

Wow, phenomenal.

(do I ever feel like a beginner, sometimes this place just shreds my ego :sweat_smile:)

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Same. I follow Garfield the Cat’s advice, though: “It’s amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn’t know what one can’t do!” That’s kind of how I live.



It’s lovely!

Wow! Yep. Gorgeous.