[ASAMS] For inventory control

For inventory control, and other art related tracking necessary for
Independent Jewelers…

I did not get to go to the S.N.A.G morning at ACC, even though I was
there. However, Stan Thompson - who many of you may know as both a
stone dealer and web designer - has been working for the past year
on a program that he hopes will fill all of our needs. I cannot put
my hands on the print out he gave me in Baltimore just now, but he
showed me a rather lengthy print out of the program that he is
creating. It looked awesome - works on both PC or Mac and works with
Quickbooks and M.Y.O.B (I use M.Y.O.B.). It isn’t quite ready yet,
and my understanding is that he has some jewelers that are beta
testing it presently. I also heard from him that some of the S.N.A.G
members brought up a couple of additional items that he hadn’t
thought of. I believe that it is going to sell for around $1000.
Steep for lil’ ol’ me - but I’m going to go for it anyway. And as he
and others here have aptly pointed out - most software programs run
for much more.

It is supposed to be available very soon.

You can contact Stan about the program at: info@asams.net